Trade Dollar Mintage

Trade Dollars were struck for circulation for less than five years during the period from July 1873 to April 1878. These coins were minted during the suspension of the standard silver dollar denomination and were intended primarily for export. The mintages ranged from a low of 97,000 to a high of more than 9 million. Across all dates and mint marks, there were nearly 36 million Trade Dollars produced.

The majority of Trade Dollars were exported, in line with the intentions for the coins. Within Asian commerce the coins circulated heavily or were chop marked with Chinese characters, which impacted the quality of surviving examples. Melting would also have an impact on the absolute number of surviving coins. The 1878-CC Trade Dollar, which had the lowest mintage to begin with, was melted in quantity.

The table below presents the mintage figures for circulation strike Trade Dollars. Coins were struck at Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Carson City.

1873-1878 Trade Dollar Mintages

1873 396,635
1873-CC 124,500
1873-S 703,000
1874 987,100
1874-CC 1,373,200
1874-S 2,549,000
1875 218,200
1875-CC 1,573,700
1875-S 4,487,000
1876 455,000
1876-CC 509,000
1876-S 5,227,000
1877 3,039,200
1877-CC 534,000
1877-S 9,519,000
1878-CC 97,000
1878-S 4,162,000